1The following describes the products & services you offer.
• Website Design & Development
• Website Maintenance & Content Management
• Website Redesign & Optimization
2How you are different from your competitors?
A Dedicated Project Manager is assigned to each Project.

This will ensure that you get an expert to work on
• Website Requirements Analysis (onsite visits could be arranged)
• Competitor Analysis
• Industry Best Practice identification

Every project is well researched and objectives clearly set before we start development.

For Web Maintenance Projects, we have a end to end business automation solution that tracks and manages the process.
3Name business/people within your Target Market.
Website Design & Development & Website Redesign

Small and Medium Business across Industries and countries

Website Maintenance

  • Educational Institutions (Schools & Colleges)
  • Hospitals
  • Large IT Companies who want to outsource Web maintenance
4Which Contact Sphere professions are still not in your chapter?
  • Pay Per Click Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content & Copy Writer
5What would be good “Conversation Starters” so that I can out lead phrases?
Website Design & Development :

  • How do you market your services?
  • Do you have a corporate email for your business
  • Can you pls share your website address
  • Do you get any leads from your website
  • Do your competitors have websites

Website Maintenance :

  • Who updates the content on your website?
  • Is your website protected against spam and malware?
  • Is your website getting you new leads?
6What “Phrases Do I Listen For” to find you a referral?
  • I still use gmail for sending emails to my clients
  • I need to reach a bigger audience
  • People are not aware of my services or products
  • I am starting a new business
  • My website is outdated and not responsive
  • My website is not updated and has incorrect information.
7How can I “Qualify” a referral for you to see if they are serious?
  • How much budget have you allocated for this project
  • Can I ask them to send you a quote
  • Can I ask them to give you a call to setup a meeting
8What is NOT a good referral for you?
  • Clients who are driven by price alone
  • Clients who do not have a budget
  • Clients who think they can do website design by themselves.
9What are the most common misconceptions for your business & what should I say?
  • Website Design & Development is expensive
  • I don’t need a website for my business as its doing quite well.
  • Website Design can take a lot of my time.
  • Website once designed don't have to be maintained.