Case Study

The World Schools UX Strategy & Website Redesign

Designing The World Schools Website,
One Pixel at a Time


TWS was founded on the vision; to be the best school in the region for our pupils; to be the most motivating employer of the very best teachers and staff, to employ the most advanced technological teaching aids available anywhere in the world.

With over 25 years of international experience in pioneering accredited and affordable school and higher education, they are well positioned to attain these goals.


The discovery process included stakeholder interviews, an in-depth analysis of their current site and identity, basic persona creation, and a competitive audit.

During our initial discovery meeting we took a deep dive to learn what the goals and objectives of TWS were, and understand the challenges particular to their brand.

UX Strategy

Applying what we learned from the discovery phase, we began formulating the user experience by creating a sitemap and sketching out the user journey. The initial creation of the sitemap allowed us to build a high-level strategy of what the user experience ought to be like.

Diving into the individual pages, we began to cut through the fat. Pulling from content that was already created and creating a content plan whenever there were pieces missing, we formed a cohesive story:

With a solid content and information architecture strategy in place, our next step was to wireframe the journey to make sure our strategy made sense. After wireframe reviews and revisions, we were ready to jump into the design phase.


During the design phase, we were very precise about the imagery, colors and fonts that we used. We featured large, warm, emotive imagery throughout the site in order to dispel the perception that TWS are non-caring and clinical.

We built our custom site design on top of a WordPress CMS. This allowed for complete customization of the visuals while taking advantage of a CMS platform that the client was already comfortable working with.

Test & Launch

After building the site in a sandbox, we began testing it internally. After extensive testing, we unveiled the site to the TWS team. With a brief tutorial on adding pages, content, and changing images, we completed a comprehensive review of the site in the developer environment and finished adding content.

Before long, everything was ready to go and we set out to launch the website!.

The Results

After a successful site launch, TWS has seen significantly greater traffic, low bounce rates and fantastic feedback

Thank You SigntoDesign

We are thrilled with the results and we are quite sure that our association is here to stay
Wishing you the very best.
- The TWS Team


Thanks to focused goals and a concentrated UX strategy, we created a winning content strategy that let the TWS story shine through. The end result is a user-friendly, informative site that encouraged site visitors to engage with TWS. We’re thrilled to have helped TWS redesign their website, one pixel at a time!