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House of Thinking UX Strategy & Website Design

Designing House of Thinking,
One Pixel at a Time


Welcome to house of Thinking. We specialise in bringing out the best in individuals, teams and organisations through our thinking interventions. We provide coaching, mentoring, facilitation, training and consulting services to individuals and organizations to enhance and boost their performance.


In today’s changing world, when everything is shifting to digital, every business needs an online platform that is attractive, consumer friendly and informative. Irrespective of being a startup or a prominent well-known company, a website that conveys the purpose or the idea of the business is a must have. These days, a website creates the first impression of a company, it’s always recommended to consult an expert for the job.

We at SigntoDesign are the experts in the industry. We have strived to become the best website designing company in Bangalore. Our team is diligent, zealous and always ready to take up new challenges. The project that we came across, was as one such challenge for the team. Designing the website of House of Thinking.

UX Strategy

The clients had an innovative concept, they provided specialised training and mentoring of employees or students and made a change in their approach with expert guidance. A novel idea deserves a fresh outlook. Upon exchange of multiple emails, we got to know we were thinking in the right direction.

The client brief was crisp and to the point, and the output looked similar to how they wished their website to be. Their requirement was of a modern website, that is clean, has minimal text and with easy-going illustrations. They were in need of a professional website that speaks what they stood for.


The team was delighted to work on a project that is both liberating and fun to work on. This project gave us the creative freedom that any creative professional would crave. The client knew what they wanted and we were happy to work with George and Anjana who believes in their idea.

What seemed to be challenging for graphic designers was to dedicate a stipulated amount of time of around two weeks to complete the illustrations and caricatures. Their devotion to the project was paid off in about five weeks, with satisfied and happy customers. Though the expected delivery time was two to three weeks, the project was over in about five weeks.

Test & Launch

After building the site in a sandbox, we began testing it internally. After extensive testing, we unveiled the site to the House of Thinking team. With a brief tutorial on adding pages, content, and changing images, we completed a comprehensive review of the site in the developer environment and finished adding content.

Before long, everything was ready to go and we set out to launch the website!.

The Results

The team of House of Thinking lauded the commitment, talent and team work of SigntoDesign for pulling up such an intricate and elaborate project.

Thank You SigntoDesign

We are thrilled with the results and we are quite sure that our association is here to stay
Wishing you the very best.
- The HOT Team


Thanks to focused goals and a concentrated UX strategy, we created a winning content strategy that let the House of Thinking story shine through. The end result is a user-friendly, informative site that encouraged site visitors to engage with House of Thinking. We’re thrilled to have helped House of Thinking design their website, one pixel at a time!