Best Website Designs for Schools, Colleges and Universities 

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December 14, 2017
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Best Designed College Websites
July 13, 2018
Signtodesign College Website Maintenance

Signtodesign College Website Maintenance

Best Website Designs for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Designing websites for colleges and universities is challenging because they must appeal to many different types of users. A successful website design for College must serve expected students, current students, professors, parents and community members. And each of these groups has particular tasks that they want to accomplish online. For example, prospective students might want to visit the campus, while parents might want to easily pay tuition fee. Similarly, current students might want to check their report online, while professors may want to promote their newest courses. We reviewed a number of school website designs specifically for colleges and universities and graded them on creativity, design, content and user experience.

Universities use various techniques to promote themselves as inspiring places of study. Traditionally Brochure  have helped in this area, but now, thanks to the internet, students can find out a whole information – updated on a regular basis. By visiting college websites on their laptop, tablet or mobile device, budding learners can look into courses offered and get a glimpse of what student life is like in different places around the country.

These are our favorites:

 MVJ College of Engineering Bangalore


MVJ Medical College Bangalore


Western International College (WINC) 

MVJ Pre-University College

MVJ Polytechnic College


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