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June 15, 2018
website designfor college

website designfor college


Best Designed College Websites

In the past, Educational websites would tend to be long, dry, and busy with information. Hence, users felt lost and frustrated, leading them away from the website.

Now, some college websites have come a long way from the boxy look and feel of websites, to a more redefined and trendy interface. Some have even branched out different departments within their school into their own separate, independent websites. Current and prospective students no longer have to navigate through multiple pages to seek the information they want.

Universities use various techniques to promote themselves as inspiring places of study. Traditionally, admission days and prospectus have helped in this area, but today, with the internet,students can find out a whole lot of information within a minute by visiting college websites on their devices like laptop, tablet or mobile. Learners can look about courses offered and also get a glimpse ofhow student life is like in different places around the World.

University’s website is part of its identity – and an online extension of its physical location. In view of all this, it’s such a pleasure to see how some schools have really gone the extra mile to offer an exciting online experience.





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